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Come and join us

at Europe's largest critical care nursing congress!

We welcome you to join this international nursing conference with a focus on enhancing the care of patients, their families and staff in critical care through teaching and sharing best evidence-based practice.

The programme is aimed at all those who work in critical care from novice to expert level.

Sessions are designed to attract clinicians, educators, researchers and managers to share evidence-based practice in assessment, management and evaluation of patient outcomes of the critically ill.  Critical care education and training will be enhanced through the provision of interactive workshops and master classes with experts.  Year on year, the EfCCNa conferences have attracted an increasing number of participants. We have received positive feedback indicating the relevancy of the program and the enthusiastic, open and friendly atmosphere among participants making it easy to interact with critical care colleagues from Europe and beyond.

Hope to see you in Bologna in March 2025!

Colette Ram
EfCCNa President 

Elin Steffenak
Chair Organising Committee  

Paul Rood
Chair Scientific Committee