Multicultural Care

The Erasmus+ project Multicultural Care in European Intensive Care units, MICE-ICU (2016-2018) resulted in a specialized and accredited e-learning course on multicultural care dedicated to nurses working in intensive care environments.
It offers real, interactive e-learning. The syllabus and the course are endorsed by the European federation of Critical Care Nurses associations (EfCCNa).


  • Entry test of knowledge ·
  • MODULE I: Cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • MODULE II: Culturally diverse patients in health care environment ·
  • MODULE III: Specifics when caring for culturally diverse patients on ICU wards ·
  • Ending test of knowledge

The e-learning course is available on the MICE-ICU website



The Maquet NAVA Basic Training

NAVA - Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist - is a mode of ventilation that is optional for the Servo i. NAVA offers assist in proportion to and in synchrony with the patient's EDI signal - the electrical activity of the diapraghm. learn more about NAVA

Hamilton Medical College

HAMILTON MEDICAL COLLEGE is an E-learning website with various learning modules (or courses). It is designed for ventilator users to learn mechanical ventilation and operation of Hamilton ventilators. link to Hamilton Medical College


Patient Safety / Infection Control

The WHO Campaign 'Clean Care is Safer Care'

The goal of Clean Care is Safer Care is to ensure that infection control is acknowledged universally as a solid and essential basis towards patient safety and supports the reduction of health care-associated infections and their consequences.

Hand Hygiene & Standard Precautions to prevent Healthcare associated Infections
 The Nursing in Critical Care Virtual Issue about Infection Control




Other sources of online education