The EfCCNa is committed to advancing the art and science of critical care nursing across the European countries; therefore it is facilitating a Critical Care EfCCNa DENDoctoral European Nursing group (Critical Care DEN) to bring together nurses across Europe engaged in critical care research. The inaugural meeting of this group took place in January 2015 at the 6th EfCCNa Congress in Valencia, Spain.

Potential benefits of such a group would be to enable doctoral prepared nurse researchers to:

  • meet with others adopting similar research approaches and at similar stages in their research careers
  • discuss their work in progress, receive collaboration and feedback from peers
  • share data, share and build skills in research methods and analysis
  • discuss developments in critical care research
  • build on existing research strengths and discuss collaboration in future critical care projects and grant applications
  • mentor and encourage junior researchers

The group welcomes nurses who are either undertaking or who have completed a Doctoral programme in any European country (e.g. PhD; DPhil; DNS; Professional Doctorate or similar). Further details will appear shortly, but in the meantime, if you are interested in joining the group please send your name, qualifications, affiliation and country, and email address to EfCCNa Secretary



 Members of the Group

NAME                                           COUNTRY   Main Research Interest                                                                        
Elizabeth Papathanassoglou Cyprus CV  
Pia Dreyer Denmark CV Communication, Home Mechanical Ventilation, Patient experiences, Sleep 
Anne Sophie Agard Denmark CV Family-witnessed Resuscitation; Relatives' Role; Recovery
Suzanne Forsyth Herling Denmark CV Transition, Sedation, Delirium, Patients and Family Experiences in ICU, Pressure Ulcers
Hanne Irene Jensen Denmark CV End-of-Life; Patient/family experiences; Rehabilitation; Sedation, Work Environment
Anna Axelin Finland CV Pain assessment and management, Sleep, Family centred care, knowledge transfer
Merja Meriläinen Finland CV ICU patient environment ,psychological quality of life and recovery
Marita Ritmala-Castrén Finland CV

Sleep of critically ill; ICU nurses’ competence; Pain Care Bundle in ICU

Laurent Poiroux France CV Ventilation, Oxygen inhalation therapy, perfusion & catheter management, early mobilisation
Daniel Benlahoues France CV Drug Calculation Errors, Patient Safety
Margarita Giannak Greece CV  
Tom Andrews Ireland CV End-of-Life; Mechanical Ventilation; Patient Deterioration
Freda Dekeyser Israel CV End-of-Life; Work Environment
Julie Benbenishty Israel CV End-of-Life; Protocolised Care
Frederique Paulus Netherlands CV Implementation Science; Mechanical Ventilation
Mark van den Boogaard Netherlands CV Delirium; Epidemiology; Quality of Life; Safety; Work Environment
Hanne Birgit Alfheim Norway CV Critically ill family care giver
Anne-Kath. Langerud Norway CV Patient Recovery, Physical and Psychological Outcome in ICU Survivors, Chronic Pain in ICU Survivors, End of Life Care in ICU
Ranveig Lind Norway CV End-of-Life; Ethics; Family Care; Follow-up; Nurses' Experiences; Sedation; Team Collaboration
Britt Saetre Hansen Norway CV  
Kristin Hofsoe Norway CV Symptoms during and after ICU, ICU Follow Up, Physical Restraints, Family Care Givers
Tove Rustoen Norway CV Pain, Family Care Givers, Quality of Life
Hege Selnes Haugdahl Norway CV Mechanical ventilation and Weaning, Experiences of Breathlessness, Competency
Aurelia Sega Poland CV

Mechanical ventilation, non–invasive ventilation, pain, sedation, delirium, nutrition, continuous renal replacement therapies, plasmapheresis, health behavior

Dorota Ozga Poland CV Pain, PSD; Quality of Life; Simulation
Wioletta Medrzycka-Dabrowska Poland CV Pain, Perioperative Care; evidenced based Nursing Practice, Stress Management
Aleksandra Gutysz Wojnicka Poland CV Noninvasive Ventilation; Pain; Standard Setting
Katarzyna Wojnar Gruszka Poland CV Mechanical Ventilation, Quality of Life after ICU, PICS, Simulation in teaching
Marta Raurell-Torreda Spain CV Patient Safety; Simulation
Alicia San Jose Spain CV Infection; Management; Mechanical Ventilation
Eva Akerman Sweden CV Follow-up; Rehabilitation; Recovery; Sedation; Ventilator Weaning
Siv Karlsson Stafseth Norway CV Nursing workload, Staffing, Education, Patient Classification Systems, Early Warning Systems
Ann Charlotte Falk Sweden CV Emergency; Quality of Care; Traumatic Brain Injury
Anna Schandl Sweden CV Cognitive Function; Follow-up; Rehabilitation
Janet Mattsson Sweden CV Clinical Learning, Postgraduate Education, Paediatric Intensive Care, Technical Health Care, Patient Safety, Communication
Gunilla Hollman Frisman Sweden CV Family Care; Perioperative Care Information; Self-Care
Ingrid Wahlin Sweden CV Empowerment, Family Care, ICU Diary, Postoperative Delirium, Pressure Ulcer
Asa Engstrom Sweden CV Follow-up; Myocardial Infarction; Patient/Relatives/Nurses' Perspectives; Postoperative Care; Sedation; Simulation; Trauma; Work Environment
Berit Lindahl Sweden CV Home Mechanical Ventilation; Philosophical Issues; Work Environment
Maria Johansson Sweden CV Family members experiences of keeping diaries in the ICU
Catarina Tingsvik Sweden CV Mechanical Ventilation, Weaning, Sedation
Martin Spangfors Sweden CV Critical Care Outreach; Early Warning Systems; Mechanical Ventilation; Nasal High Flow Oxygen Therapy
Isabell Fridh Sweden CV End-of-life; Family Care; Patient Safety; Patient's Experiences; Work Environment 
Mona Ringdal Sweden CV Memories and Health related Quality of Life in Trauma Patients in ICU
Ayda Kebapci Turkey CV Mechanical Ventilation, Noise in ICU, CV Surgery, Care and Monitoring, BLS, Clinical PAthways, Strenghtening ICU staff and Education
Nurten Ozen Turkey CV Critical Care, Hemodialysis, Infectious diseases in ICU, Vascular Access, Gastric Residual Volume Mesurement
Aysel Badir Turkey CV Care Transition
Sevgin Samancioglu Turkey CV Complementary/Alternativ Therapies; Diabetes; Euthanasia; Infection; Wound Care
Banu Terzi Turkey CV Comfort in ICU, Nursing Care in ICU, Nutrition, Nursing Process, Fundamentals of Nursing
John Albarran UK CV End-of-Life; Family-witnessed Resuscitation
Heather Baid UK CV Sustainability in Critical Care Practice
Suzanne Bench UK CV

Supporting patients and families after critical illness, Psychological recovery from critical illness, Information and communication resources,Discharge from ICU and hospital, Service user involvement

Jennifer McGaughey UK CV Acute Care Education Early Warning systems
Tim Collins UK CV Organ Donation, Shock, Sepsis, Resuscitation, Haemodynamic Monitoring, intraosseous access
Claire Kydonaki UK CV Decision making; Family Care; Mechanical Ventilation; Quality Improvement; Recovery; Sedation; Ventilator Weaning 
Natalie Pattison UK CV End of Life Care, Critical Care outreach, transition and decision making, Critical Care Follow up, Critical Care Diaries
Janice Rattray UK CV Follow-up; Patient Experiences; Psychological Outcomes; Quality of Life
Kay Mitchell UK CV Hypoxia, Epigenetics, Ventilatory weaning and sensation of breathlessness, Cardiopulmonary Exercise testing
Una St Ledger UK CV Moral Distress
Lydia Emerson UK CV Process Evaluation in Clinical Trials
Patricia McKendrick UK CV Children's Rights; Home Mechanical Ventilation; Paedatric Complex Hospital Discharge
Naim Abdulmohdi UK CV Advanced Heart Failure Therapy; Acute Kidney Injury; Clinical Reasoning; Decision Making; Simulation
Pam Page UK CV Compassion; Care Tansition; Delirium; Patient/Family Experiences
Leona Bannon UK CV Delirium
Pamela Ramsey UK CV Outcome Measures; Quality of Life; Rehabilitation; Service Development; Self-Management
Bronagh Blackwood UK CV Delirium; Mechanical Ventilation; Outcome Measures; Protocolised Care; Rehabilitation; Sedation; Process Evaluation; Ventilator Weaning