Mission Statements

Mission Statements

  • To represent critical care nurses and critical care nursing within Europe
  • To promote patient and relatives perspectives of the ICU experience
  • To promote co-operation and collaboration between European critical care nurses
  • To promote the art and science of critical care nursing across the European countries
  • To improve the recognition of critical care nursing as a speciality in Europe
  • To activly engage in influencing EU social and health care policy as the voice fo critical care nurses in Europe
  • To cooperate with other groups of health care professionals, institutions, industry, agencies and charities who have a professional interest in the care of the critically ill
  • To establish standards for education, practice and workforce management of critical care nursing
  • To promote and further education, research and leadership incritical care nursing  


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The European Federation of Critical Care Nursing Associations (EfCCNa) is a formal network of critical care nursing associations in Europe.