Board of Officer's

  • President: Bronagh Blackwood, United Kingdom
  • Vice-President: Anne Kokko, Finland
  • Secretary: Colette Ram, the Netherlands
  • Treasurer: Drago Satosek, Slovenia
  • Board member: Elin Steffenak, Norway
  • Board member: Karin Klas, Austria

Core Congress Group

  • Chair: Elin Steffenak, Norway
  • Wouter de Graaf, the Netherlands
  • Irene Harth, Germany
  • Frederique Paulus, the Netherlands
  • Sabrina Pelz, Germany
  • Colette Ram, the Netherlands
  • Paul Rood, the Netherlands
  • Drago Satosek, Slovenia

Scientific Committe

  • Chair: Frederique Paulus, the Netherlands

(More scientific committee members will be confirmed soon)

Congress Organisers

Your Conference Support - Babette Schmidt


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The European Federation of Critical Care Nursing Associations (EfCCNa) is a formal network of critical care nursing associations in Europe.