May28, 2018

Welcome to the Slovakian Association of Critical Care Nurses into the federation!logo sestry final

The Section of nurses working in anaesthesiology and intensive care was established in 2008, when was the “1. scientific conference of nurses working in anaesthesiology and intensive care” held. This vocational section falls under Slovak chamber of nurses and midwifes as one out of seventeen. Nowadays, we as a section organize National scientific conferences with international participation. After 10 years of conferences, we have brought to 1815 attendants 366 oral presentations, 78 posters, 123 exhibitors and international participants from Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Hungary, and Serbia. Section of nurses working in anaesthesiology and intensive care has its own structure: voted Head of section, 5 voted members of the section committee and members of the section (voluntary, cost-free).
Other activities of the section and its members include proceedings of abstracts and contributions with ISBN from every congress, contributions in domestic and foreign professional journals and on the web of Slovak chamber of nurses and midwifes.It is not only about formal side of our work. We keep the family of CCN professionals in our region together, offer them opportunities to grow professionally, give them chance to confront their opinions, gain new views in anaesthesiology and intensive care and create relationships between each other for next cooperation.

The EfCCNa is looking forward to a good cooperation.

May 8, 2018

2018 Arnaud Bryneel

Arnaud has been working in intensive care for 9 years. Currently, he works in the mobile team of acute medicine (ICU, PICU and emergency) at Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc (Brussels).
He is also a teacher in intensive care specialization and emergency care at the Haute Ecole Condorcet in Mons and president of the SIZ Nursing (Belgian association of intensive care nurses).
Additionally he is working on a research project concerning N/P ratio via the Nursing Activities Score (NAS).

Welcome in EfCCNa, Arnaud - we are looking forward to a good cooperation


May 7, 2018

2018 DavidThe Council meeting in Larnaka  was the last one for David Waters as the U.K. representative. David has been engaged in EfCCNa for 10 years  working on projects & advancing critical care nursing across Europe!
Besides being a representative he has become a board member in order  to keep track on EU policy regarding critical care nursing. During this time a European Engagement Toolkit was developed, a practical resource which aims
to provide European critical care nurses with the information and resources to better understand and interact with European political matters, especially those that have a direct impact on critical care delivery. 

The EfCCNa family thanks him very much for all his valuable contributions to EfCCNa projects, his engagement and his company.

We will miss him a lot and wish him all the best for his future life.





May 7, 2018

The new composition of the EfCCNa board 2018:
after the elections took place during the Spring meeting in Cyprus the EfCCNa board consists of Colette Ram (re-elected Secretary), Elin Steffenak (board member), Anne Kokko (re-elected Vice-president), Karin Klas (newly elected board member), Drago Satosek (treasurer) and Prof Dr Bronagh Blackwood (President)


2018 board












May 7, 2018

EfCCNa board members, council members and observers after a successful Spring meeting in Larnaka, Cyprus: lively discussions, good results on project work and future activities of EfCCNa, new elected board 2018, new national representatives fitting very well into the EfCCNa family, beautiful warm weather in a nice country and lots of good food ... all in all a great meeting. Many thanks to Maria Foka and her colleagues from the Cyprus Nurses and Midwives Association for the organisation of this event.

2018 Larnaka CM