September 4, 2017

2017 AliciaSanJose

EfCCNa is happy to welcome the new Council representative from Spain: Dr. Alicia San Jose. She is the successor of Victor Gomez-Simon who worked with EfCCNa the last two years. Thank you very much for your contribution and your company, Victor.

Dr. San José is a lecturer at the TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme Foundation in Barcelona, Spain. She was born in this medium size city in Spain, but soon she discovered this town would become small and needed to search out for more experiences.

Before her career took the twist into the academic field, Alicia had gained clinical intensive care experience in different Europeans countries. She began by an Erasmus exchange in Sweden, continued with 4 years of professional nursing work in England, continued with another 3 years in Paris to finish doing clinical intensive care research with a potent group in one of the best research hospitals in Spain, the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona.

The fact of working in different countries allowed Alicia to learn English and French, and when she got back to Spain went back to University as a student to do Translation and Interpretation Studies gaining the sworn translator and interpreter nomination for English and French languages.

Her first experience as a lecturer was in the University of Valladolid where not only her teaching skills were tested but also her management by, not only being the responsible person for a Practicum, but also the International Relations Coordinator for the College of Nursing.

She adores her profession, the students, and thinks nurses can achieve great things with the adequate support and training.