August 15, 2017

IO1 Cover

The ICU Nurses intercultural training needs and competencies analysis report is now available on www.mice-icu.eu

The comprehensive analysis report provides the results of the investigations which the project partners conducted in their countries (Poland, Slovenia, and Czech Republic) in order to estimate the needs and competencies of ICU nurses with respects to cultural sensitive care in intens

ive care units.

The paper reports in detail about the results of a literature research regarding this topic and gives an overview on currently existent or nonexistent intercultural aspects and trainings in nursing education and care in Poland, Slovenia and Czech Republic.

Almost 600 ICU nurses, mostly from the three countries mentioned above but also from broader Europe, answered a questionnaire about several aspects regarding the nursing care of a patient from a different culture. They were asked questions about their awareness and sensitivity towards

cultural competence, communication and behavior, their self-assessment on cultural competence and of course their educational needs in this area of care.

So far the results clearly show that there is a need for multicultural training courses for ICU nurses. According to the analysis of the nurses’ responses and their descriptions of difficult situations, in a next step the project group is preparing a syllabus and curriculum for a respective E-learning course.