Hospital details
Name hospital: Clinical Hospital Osijek
Adress: Huttlerova 4
Postal code / City 31000  / Osijek
Country: Croatia
Website hospital: www.kbo.hr
Language spoken on the unit
current/common language Croatian
widely spoken
spoken by a few English
Clinical hospital Osijek is the largest hospital in the eastern part of Croatia. Clinical Hospital Osijek provides advanced specialised medical treatment for whole region with a population about 1 000 000 people.

Our critical care is general ICU with 12 beds. ICU is the part of Anaesthesia Department and doctors in charge are anaesthesiologist or critical care specialist. All beds are equipped with vents ( bennet 7200, evita4 ), monitors ( datex, hp ), infusion pumps and all other usual  equipment for critical care.
During last five years we have about 850 – 900 patients per year.
90% of our patients are surgical patients ( neurosurgical, vascular, abdominal, trauma,… ). In our hospital there is no cardiac surgery yet.
Other 10% are non-surgical patients ( such neuro patients and ventilatory support for all other non-surgical patients in hospital with respiratory failure ).

For intensive care treatment in our ICU we routinely use volume/pressure vent modes ( simv, cpap, pcv, psv, bipap, aprv ), airway management technique, non-invasive and invasive monitoring ( art line, cvp, icp, swan-ganz, picco ), central and peripheral iv lines, iv pumps, enteral/parenteral nutrition, ABG, infection control, hemodialysis etc.

In our ICU there are 38 RN`s. In average, nurse/patient ratio is 1/3 – one nurse on three patients. All ICU nurse are young people ( male and female ) with average 2 – 10 years critical care experience. The nursing staff is rotation based working in four shifts.
Also, ICU is education centar for nursing high school and nursing college students.